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Monogramming Etiquette by Initial Me


Monogramming etiquette can seem a bit confusing at first. However, if you follow these simple rules you will stay within the traditional guidelines for proper monogramming.

A simple and traditional monogram for one person:  

The first name initial is on the left, the last name initial is in the center, and the middle initial is on the right.               For example, Elizabeth Diane Smith would read:

Monogram for one person

The happy couple's monogram

If you want to combine a man and woman’s monogram you would put the brides first name initial on the left, the couples last name in the center, and the hubby’s first initial on the right. For example, Amanda and Jason Brown would read:

monogram etiquette for couple

For the infants and tiny tots: 

Infants and children would follow the same traditional rules. As for teenagers they can use first name initial, middle name initial, and last name intial if you make them all the same size. Such as Ella jane Thompson would read:

monogram etiquette for infants and todlers


For the handsome fellow:

Men can follow the traditional guidelines, or they can use a simple two letter monogram with just the first name and last name initials. David John Smith would read:

 monogram etiquette for men

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.